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No, seriously - LiveJournal why must you fuck things up every few weeks, or months? It's really frustrating to keep seeing absolutely unnecessary changes on a site you visit very frequently and have grown to like quite immensly as it is. I wish the comments pages could just go back to the old style - it was much better organised in my opinion. Of course the design was more plain and simple, but that's exactly why it works. You hear that LJ? There was no need to "fix" it, ok?

I'm just doing a bit of ranting here because I really like LiveJournal, especially for the communities. All the beautiful graphics stuff there and Bleachness and everything - it's what keeps me on LJ, but if they keep doing this shit, will us nerds have a site to go back to? D:

LiveJournal, stop trying to be like Facebook.

Another little rant - my new phone comes with unlimited usage of social network sites including Myspace. Myspace. Freaking Myspace! Couldn't they have given me unlimited usage of Tumblr instead? D:

Unrelated: I've realised I won't be able to finish my 50 Ichiruki icons by the deadline, but I am still determined to finish them seeing as I'm so close. Right now I just want to make more Rukia icons. ♥

Date: 2011-12-21 01:12 pm (UTC)
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If I were a cannibal and LJ were a human, I'd be gnawing on its liver right now.

It's like LJ WANTS non-Russian users to leave. Well, they're doing a bang-up job toward that goal.


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